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[News] Album review: Tommy february6 - Tommy airline - YeuKpopJpop Latest Updates

Tommy february6 - Tommy airline | Random J Pop

Tommy february6 has always been an odd ball. An artist who seems to live in a different world to ours and of a different time. I mean, pffft. Who the fuck else releases music and separate album under two different personas AND is in a group?

A bitch be crazy and losing her damn mind. But who am I to argue when she's giving me 13 tracks of back-to-back boppage.

Tommy's second studio album Tommy airline is a journey into this world of hers. Or at least one of them. A world filled with colour, candy, treats and all things sweet. From the intro it'd be easy to write this album off as a joke. And to be honest, it kinda is. But it's a joke that Tommy is in on and the punchline here is some really fucking good pop music that set a template that those who came after her would inadvertently follow.

Tommy airline is a concept album of sorts. Chronicling a holiday 'to space' as told by Tommy playing the stewardess in the intro. The album generally sounds like it could be the soundtrack to an 80s anime set across a variety of semi exotic locations. Some of the songs even sound as though they could be themes from video games. "Candy doll eyes" wouldn't sound out of place in a MegaDrive Sonic the hedgehog game and "Futari no seaside" could be a Koopa Troopa beach theme in a Mario Kart game or a resort themed world in Super Mario Odyssey.

With the exception of one song which is literally about chilling at the seaside, the songs aren't explicitly about being in specific places, but the feelings of love, affection and potential lust that you feel when you're on a vacation; whether it be with a significant other or a  holiday side piece. Every song is rose tinted in a way that everything is when you're on the perfect holiday. It plays out really well and never feels stupid to the point of being off-putting.

This album is top to bottom, back and sides, 80s pop. From the intro right through to the album finale "Love is forever". The beats are 80s. The melodies are 80s. The vibe is 80s. Tommy airline vomits the 1980s. So if you live for 80s pop and Eurobeat, then you might ned extra underpants when listening to this album. Tommy swings her shit from four-on-the-floor club stompers like "Sepia memory" to cutesy keitai-ringtone bops like "Futari no seaside" to peak Madonna sounding bangers like "Dancin' baby". The album runs the full gamut of good 80s pop without feeling cliched or as thought it's consciously ticking boxes in a checklist.

Tommy does fall off on a couple of occasions though. "Candy eyes dolls" is a little too sickly sweet and treads into day time television theme territory, with a musical backdrop that couldn't be any cheesier if she squatted over the track and queefed out velveeta. And "Magic in your eyes" sounds like rejected 1981 children's anime theme, with a beat comprised of jingle bells mixed in with a bit of Mega man on the NES. The song is annoying.

But even in the moments where the songs aren't great, they work within the scheme of the album and its kitsch getaway narrative. It's full of whimsy and never takes itself seriously. But it delivers some great songs and at no point does it feel disingenuous. The most brilliant thing about this album aside from how well produced it is, is that it's pure, honest and unashamed. It's not trying to be anything else and it embraces itself fully.

What Tommy doesn't have in vocal prowess she makes up for in character. Her voice is as thin as a budget smart price maxi pad, but it works here because of the production of this album is so tight and well considered that it frames her voice perfectly. Plus, the 80s was much about chicks with zero vocal talent as it was those with power house vocals. Lisa Lisa having no vocal talent to speak of didn't stop her and Cult Jam putting out fire.

Tommy airline is a stand out album. The authenticity of the sound and the commitment to the theme makes this a joy to listen to from start to finish. But at it's core, it's just an album of fucking good pop songs. Tommy airline may not have been a huge seller on the ORICON chart, but its by no means a measure of its quality. There are many artists in J-Pop who owe a lot to the influence of this album, whether they care to admit it or not. There would be no likes of Nanda collection or Pika pika fantajin if it wasn't for this album.

RATING: 7.5 / 10

Album highlights:
■ Is this feeling love?
■ Je t'aime ★ Je t'aime
■ Sepia memory
■ Dancin' baby ★ J's fave
■ The rose fragrance
■ I still love you boy
■ Love is forever

[News] Hikaru Utada returns the favour to Nariaki Obukuro for his single "Lonely one" - YeuKpopJpop Latest Updates

Nariaki Obukuro featuring Hikaru Utada - Lonely one | Random J Pop

After Nariaki Obukuro made a low key, but impactful appearance on Hikaru Utada's 'gay and lonely as fuck 4 life' anthem "Tomodachi" in 2016, he sees his favour returned with his 2018 single "Lonely one".

Nariaki is one of few artists who can say that they not only featured on a song with Hikaru Utada, but had her feature on one of their songs and co-wrote the damn thing. That right there is level of promo and recommendation that yen can't buy.

Despite the song being on Nariaki's vibe, it still has an air about it where-by its not hard to imagine the whole thing being flipped into a Hikaru Utada song. In fact, when Hikaru makes her appearance on the second verse she pretty much takes over the entire song. Her flow is unlike anything I've heard from her before. It's cool to hear her go in on a song in such a manner. But the strain on her vocals when she goes high makes my dick shrivel.

Unlike "Tomodachi" where Nariaki was woven throughout the entire song, Hikaru's verse feels like its just dropped into the song, and the sparse, unfinished, demo like vibe of the whole song doesn't help. "Lonely one" would have come off so much better had it been a duet and we got to hear Nariaki and Hikaru's voices together. Hikaru's verse comes and goes pretty quickly, but oddly enough her presence on the track still manages to remain in the song's outro despite her vocals not being a part of it. The tail end of the song flips into a blossom of strings and horns, which sound like something straight out of a Hikaru Utada song. It contrasts to the rest of the song and comes out of nowhere, but its the best part of it.

Now that we know Hikaru Utada keeps receipts, we can expect her to feature on a Sheena Ringo song and to make an appearance on something from KOHH.

[News] Norway's finest Rytmeklubben comes thru with their Winter banger "No apologies" - YeuKpopJpop Latest Updates

Rytmeklubben featuring Liz & Santell - No apologies | Random J Pop

Whilst ya'll are over there calling Justin Timberlake's "Filthy" a banger, I'll be right here in my  Adidas puffer jacket and Converse climate boots poppin' my booty on a snow covered football pitch in Oslo to Rytmeklubben's ACTUAL banger "No apologies".

I want to campaign for Winter bangers to be A THING. Fuck a ballad and an Ed Sheeran song.

The best way I can describe Rytmeklubben is a Norwegian version of PC music. Which I will admit first-hand is a really lazy explanation for a group that's much more than that.

"No apologies" deserves to blow up, but it won't, because it features Liz. I'm here for Liz. But she's one of those kryptonite bitches who just can't catch commercial breaks. It's a real shame, because Liz has consistently delivered bops since day one. And even with collaborations, she delivers and ends up on songs which fit her M.O. perfectly.

I need Rytmeklubben to stop playing games and drop an album this year.

I also need to book me a getaway to Oslo, because it looks hella cool. Literally.

[News] Amber and Luna of f(x) release their pussy anthem "Lower" - YeuKpopJpop Latest Updates

Amber x Luna - Lower | Random J Pop

The true talent in f(x), the glue holds the group together (for now), the only members who could have legitimate solo careers, etc.

Of course I'm talking about Amber and Luna.

Amber and Luna's solo EP's were both above and beyond what I expected from either of them. Their EP's were so tight and spotlit their styles in such a great way, that I was on board with SM turning around and saying "It's a wrap for f(x)ya'll!". Providing that Amber and Luna were given the freedom (My bad. Slave Monger entertainment don't do freedom) ...'Opportunity' to continue releasing solo material.

Amber and Luna doing a song together isn't much of a surprise. They've teamed up before. But I was no prepared for them to drop a song about their pussy. I shouldn't be that surprised. Given that BoA dropped a pussy anthem back in 2015 and Girls' generation dropped theirs last year.

I'mma need a remix of this featuring cupcakKe.

[News] Justin Timberlake's crusty "Supplies" - YeuKpopJpop Latest Updates

Justin Timberlake - Supplies | Random J Pop

I'm not a huge fan of "Filthy". But I was never expecting to be. Ya see. My thing with Justin Timberlake's singles always goes as follows. I dislike the lead singles from his albums initially. But always end up liking the follow up. When his album eventually drops, I then end up re-discovering the lead single and grow to like it. So I went into Justin's follow-up to "Filthy" expecting to like it.

My Gawd.

This might be one of Justin Timberlake's worst singles ever.

"Supplies" is a mess. The country style flow over a trap beat just does not work. I'm surprised as hell that The Neptunes produced this, because it doesn't sound like a Neptunes production at all. I cannot believe the same guys who gave Justin Timberlake "Lets take a ride", one of his best songs (you can fight me on that), gave him this rubbish.

There my usually pessimistic-turned-optimistic ass was getting excited that The Neptunes were back together and that Chad Hugo would bring that je ne sais quoi back into Pharrell's sound, just for them to deliver this mess.

"Supplies" is one of Justin Timberlake's most visually appealing videos. But there is a disconnect between what you hear and what you see. Justin is giving us female empowerment visuals to a song about how good his dick game is. The faux wokeness, pro woman angle feels opportunistic as opposed to genuine. And his past actions are contradictory. He threw Britney under a bus and put all her business on blast following their breakup, all-the-while she respected the privacy of their relationship and didn't say a thing. Then he left Janet Jackson and her right titty out to dry following their Super Bowl stunt.

Justin Timberlake is lucky that his legacy of delivering good albums is so strong. Because that's what will have me check out Man of the woods come February 2nd. Not these weak, directionless singles.

[News] Song Hye Gyo stuns at 'Dior' show - YeuKpopJpop

Article: "The ideal type" Song Hye Gyo, lady of Paris

Source: Dispatch via Nate

1. [+467, -214] So pretty... ㅠㅠ I admit that as a fellow woman...

2. [+411, -166] I was surprised by her pictures on Instagram ㅋ she looks so much younger and lovelier with her bangs like that

3. [+336, -164] Songvely, she's looking younger by the day

4. [+73, -44] I've never seen her look so short...

5. [+63, -23] Short..

6. [+62, -33] She is a top beauty even among beautiful actresses. Who cares if she looks short in pictures, the entire world knows how beautiful she is ㅋㅋ

7. [+55, -35] Saw all her pictures and videos from today and she's a true goddess

8. [+48, -25] Why is her face so big? She's really short proportion wise...

9. [+47, -13] Not a good picture... she looks like an ajumma ㅠㅜ should've gone with a different picture

10. [+46, -25] Her bangs make look so much younger


[Album] [Single] Holland - Neverland (iTunes Plus AAC M4A) Yekpop 320K Zip Download

Released Date: Jan 22, 2018


Special thanks to those who purchased & shared it!

[News] Suzy unveils pre-release comeback song - YeuKpopJpop

Article: Suzy, explodes with emotions with her pre-release song 'In Love With Someone Else'

Source: X Sports News via Naver

1. [+2,141, -339] The song's so good

2. [+1,811, -321] Her vocal tone is so good ㅜㅜ it's a really sad song, I have it on repeat

3. [+1,611, -312] Love her vocal tone

4. [+1,306, -279] The song's so good to listen to

5. [+447, -106] Please listen up everyone

6. [+453, -116] So much longing in the music video... love both the song and Suzy unni!

7. [+431, -112] Song's so good...

8. [+428, -112] I'm getting 90s vibes from the song... it's good

9. [+356, -100] The song's good but so sad ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

10. [+129, -40] Her singing has improved so much. I can't wait for her title track now, Suzy fighting


[News] Umji glows after her successful diet - YeuKpopJpop

Article: Girlfriend Umji's successful diet... upgraded beauty

Source: OSEN viaNate

1. [+724, -190] Not really;; I don't really find anyone in Girlfriend particularly pretty

2. [+621, -161] Her weight was never the issue..

3. [+433, -61] She did get prettier compared to how she looked in 2015-2016

4. [+32, -9] She looks different

5. [+28, -13] People have quite high standards... she looks pretty to me

6. [+26, -10] The group without a center member...

7. [+25, -6] Everyone has their own charms so it's sad to me that people are judged based on standardized features of beauty. I personally like Umji's face...

8. [+20, -6] I'm a man and I think Umji's alright... she has pretty eyes and I find it charming how slowly she blinks her eyes

9. [+19, -6] She has a cute vocal tone and I think she's loving, don't get why people hate on her for her looks. She's cute in that maknae sister kind of way.

10. [+18, -14] Weight was never her issue... sigh, everything's just a mess. Even getting plastic surgery would make her average at best. Her features just make it hard for her in general to be any prettier.


[News] Sunmi talks about feeling more comfortable with herself after 'Gashina' - YeuKpopJpop

Article: Sunmi "I felt more free about myself after 'Gashina'"

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+7,423, -981] Really not into how she's choosing to ignore her controversy and promote as if nothing's happening

2. [+5,525, -668] Not that I'm saying it's Sunmi's fault but notice how her media play has always been about 'Gashina' ever since her scandal broke out about 'Heroine'

3. [+4,526, -719] Plagiarized

4. [+4,373, -601] She is the 'Heroine' of a plagiarism controversy

5. [+3,380, -695] She's such a scammer, as if she doesn't know about this scandal yet

6. [+1,564, -246] The extreme of shamelessness ㅠㅠ

7. [+1,407, -213] Lost every respect for her after 'Happy Together'

8. [+1,349, -167] Can we talk about her live on 'Happy Together' though ㅋㅋㅋㅋ yeah she got huge off of 'Gashina' but her skills didn't get huge with her ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. [+1,373, -225] Plagiarized...

10. [+1,245, -233] Plagiarism girl Sunmi


Article: Sunmi, Sexiness from her thin body

Source: OSEN via Nate

1. [+836, -57] That first picture's really off putting..

2. [+765, -48] I saw her on 'Happy Together', she really needs to practice her singing

3. [+626, -51] I don't get why people post pictures like this. Is she trying to be a thin version of Sulli?

4. [+51, -0] Her head looks huge because she's so thin ㅋㅋ

5. [+50, -0] Too thin to feel any sexiness from her

6. [+48, -0] Omona ㅜㅜ this isn't sexy at all...

7. [+42, -0] She's too thin, if she's wearing any skin tight clothes or anything that exposes skin, she doesn't look sexy in it.

8. [+26, -0] So is she choosing to ignore her scandal with pictures of her body? Come on, you're a singer...

9. [+23, -0] Sorry but I saw her in real life and she looked anorexic;; she needs to learn that putting on red lipstick and opening your eyes like bedroom eyes do not make you automatically sexy... there needs to be a sign of health from her

10. [+19, -0] Look at how pointy her butt is... and why are her legs so messy? So splotchy, bruised, and scabbed